Suggested bed bench styles.
Benches 100 & 101 have a fitted and welted top with fully upholstered parsons legs which are also edged with welt.
BB 102 is a waterfall style with welting along top and bottom edges. The border which extends the the full width to the bottom of the legs can be either gathered , or plain with pleats at the corners
BB 103 is a standard waterfall bench. The upholstery is smooth all across the top and down both sides with pleats at the corners.
It is finished with welting along bottom edge and inside edge of legs.
BB 104 is a fully upholstered piece of furniture with natural finish queen ann style legs, round lawson arms which can be finished with a rosette, and a button in the center, or finished with a welted panel. A wide gathered or plain border goes across the front, and welting finishes all along the bottom edge. Both front and back of this bench are exactly the same.
BB 105 is an attached cushion bench. The cushion size can be 2", 3", or 4", and can be either plain or buttoned.
BB 106 could be called a vanity bench, but it can be used anyplace where a comfortable, decorative, sturdy seat is needed. It is upholstered smooth across the top and gathered down the sides. At the bottom there is a separate 3" gathered border and a base welt. It measures 22" at the top , 16" at the bottom, and 19" high.